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We are Placita!

La Placita (originally: LaPlacita de los Trujillos; nickname: Spanish Town; alternate: San Salvador) is a former settlement and the earliest community established in Riverside County, California, USA. The town was informally established soon after 1843 on the Santa Ana River, across from the town of Agua Mansa. La Placita and Agua Mansa were the first non-native settlements in the SanBernardino Valley. Together, they were referred to as "San Salvador", and were the largest settlements between New Mexico and Los Angeles in the 1840s.


The idea or the concept comes from the many corners of the world and the people who make up Mexico and its culinary traditions. Mexico and it's people have adapted to what ever it's been thrown at. Food in Mexico is everything, from a small family gathering aka quinceañera to business meetings and funerals. Mexicos influence in food comes from French, Spanish, Jewish, Middle Eastern, African, Japanese still Mexico hasn't forgotten their roots. The bolillo or pan Frances, the alpastor tacos or know as the shawarma. Mexico took a liltle bit of this and a little bit of that and an made it theirs.

Robert Ramierz, founder

Modern Mexican,
phenomenal taste

We're not trying to change Mexican tradition just demonstrating a different approach and adding local flavor.